Mattia Valzelli

Concentrate Your Time

3 min.
After reading Atomic Habits from James Clear last year I subscribed to his “3-2-1” newsletter. It’s been a good read in my Thursday (or on most occasions Friday) routine, or should I say habit? 😀. One of the most recent issues of the newsletter is titled “3-2-1: How to approach life, and how to succeed as a writer” and it starts as usual with 3 ideas from the author. In this post I would like to expand a little on what struck me the most in the first idea they wrote in the aforementioned issue.

Xcode Does Not Handle Git `includeIf`

2 min.
I’ve been using the Swift Package Manager Xcode integration since its introduction in Xcode 11 but was constantly hitting the following error while trying to check out any dependency. The only way to add it to the project was to star it in GitHub and select it from the list. A couple of months ago I was fed up with this situation and promised myself that I would dive deep to understand why it was happening, given that every other person I know using the integration was functioning perfectly.